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Welcome To The Horizon Of Spirituality


Welcome To The Horizon Of Spirituality 

The very essence of the creation and existence of the whole universe is Reiki. The reference which is usually used to mean universal power or omnipotent is nothing but Reiki, and itself is the universal soul.

Everyone is trying to have happiness; but only a saint can get extreme and eternal happiness. They do many act and things for the achievement of the same. Usually, the result is reverse. Why the people are not getting happiness? The reason is crucial clutches of the birth born evil powers. Even the predecessors’ evils may follow throughout one’s life. Thus the enlightenment is possible only when these evil elements are cleaned out from him.

A person who learns Reiki in the right method can cleanse out the whole evil from him; and is easy through an enlighted master. The enlightenment and awakening of Kundalini are possible only by a person who can cross the upper levels of Reiki. Awesome healing experience can feel even from the primary stage.


Learn Reiki Reform Yourself

The word Reiki is a compound word of ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. The word ‘Rei” means universe and ‘Ki’ means power or energy or prana. Thus, Reiki means ‘Universal Life Energy or Prapachika Prana’. The oldest and holiest Rhyme Veda has great remarks on Prana. Every living element has two fundamental energies, they are Prana and Mind. One who has disciplined in either aspect, can be a Yogi, and if he practices tremendously and uncompromisingly, steps into the stage of Samadhi and thus realizes the ‘self’.


Our programmes

  • Reiki 1st Degree
  • Reiki 2nd Degree
  • Reiki 2nd Advanced Healer
  • Reiki Master healer
  • Reiki Master
  • Reiki Grand Master
  • Reiki Tantra
  • Pendulum Dowsing



  • Aura Reading
  • Spiritual Consultancy
  • Sreevidhya Tanthra (Traditional practice only)
  • Yogam (Traditional and Non-Traditional)
  • Personal Magnetism
  • Mudhra Dyanam
  • Pranava Dyanam
  • Yantra Dyanam
  • Transcendental Reiki Meditation