• Treatments are available for all diseases, even if it is in an acute stage.
  • Aura Reading

    Aura Reading

    Every living and nonliving thing in this universe possesses a field of subtle, luminous radiation, energy surrounding it. All objects and all living things manifest such an aura.In this modern world, due to the inadequate life style, people lost their touch with real inner being.An expert aura reader can identify one’s physical, psychological and spiritual issues through the careful analysis of their chakra/aura, thereby isolating negative energies and provide healing solutions to their problems. You can avail the service of our Lady Grand Master Smt.Krishnapriya Jayan, as she has the remarkable experience and practice in this field of aura reading and treatment.

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  • Spiritual Consultancy

    Spiritual Consultancy

    Are you practicing traditional tantric or any other forms of Upasanas and didn’t have any Sadhana experiences at all ?. You’re at the right place, Smt.Krishnapriya Jayan, a Tantric expert, practicing traditional tantra for more than 15 years, she has immense knowledge and techniques to address the major issues in your spiritual practices and thereby helping you to attain the real Sadhana experience.

    Astrological analysis (Without Horoscope)

    Negative energy analysis due to the presence of any evil forces

    Detecting the exact spiritual lineage

    Past life Upasana- Identify the presence of significant spiritual entities like Guru, Devatha and any other forms of energy fields

    Detecting flaws in Upasana, providing necessary correction and selection of guru and Sambradaya (Lineage)

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  • Personal, family, institutional and other problems are detected through Pendulum Dowsing.
  • Solutions through Reiki for Astrological problems.
  • All sort of evil spirits are eliminated through holistic spiritual healing.
  • Seminars, Workshops, Japa and Dhyana classes are conducted for all including patients.
  • Traditional practices for Mantra, Japa and Yoga.
  • Based on the numerology analysis we provide personal and professional solutions.
  • Heart diseases, psoriasis, epilepsy, asthma, lungs diseases, thrombosis, diabetes, migraine, neurological disorders, menstrual disorders, ulcer, hypertension, depression, renal diseases, sexual disorders are treated and helps to attain a state of physical, mental and social well-being.
  • Learn REIKI … Reform Yourself.