Classes are taken by Sree Jayan Paipra and Smt. Krishnapriya Jayan.

Our programmes

  • Reiki First Degree

    Reiki First Degree

    We have a two days programme

    First Day

      • Discuss Reiki principles on the basis of various scientific methods and Upanishads.
      • The science of Prana, five-fold manifestation, how it works?., detailed study about energy body, aura and chakras (how they relate to diseases?.)
      • The three bodies

    Detailed study about three bodies, the way energy work across them.

      • The mechanism of healing.

    All diseases are abnormal vibrations, Reiki corrects the vibration. From the modern science point of view disease is entropy energy transformation. This means disorder, Reiki sets the system to order by reversing the entropy. No aspect of the system is left out of this healing process.

    Second Day

      • Deeksha (The Attunement)
      • Detailed study and practice about how to use this energy across 21 points in our body?.
      • Reiki, A Supreme Vidhya

    In other alternative healing techniques, there are separate methods for practice and healing, but in Reiki we’ve the same methods for both. That makes Reiki Supreme among other alternative healing techniques.

      • The manipulation of energy

    The use of energy in both past and future scenarios ie., we can solve problems or issues in present by cleansing the negative fields in a passed event, similarly use this energy for our future endeavors too.

    • Healing practice (group, full body healing practices)

    At the end of the session candidates can share their experiences, master will provide necessary tweaks, solutions.

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  • Reiki Second Degree
  • Reiki Second Advanced Healer

    Reiki Second Advanced Healer

    This course offer you to be an expert in Reiki healing, Aura reading, and many other matters with in a period of seven months. It helps you to have protection from evil elements, also provide following benefits.

    • The entire life problems can be detected and solved.
    • Special attention to the learners by the Guru for taking away from all the humanely problems.
    • Equivalent to Reiki second degree level classes.
    • Meditation, Rumination, Sadhana practices.
    • Reiki thantric knowledge.
    • Pendulum dowsing.
    • Admission open even to disciples of any other Masters.

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  • Reiki Master Healer
  • Reiki Master
  • Reiki Grand Master
  • Reiki Tanthra
  • Personal Magnetism
  • Pendulum Dowsing

    Pendulum Dowsing

    The Pendulum dowsing has been practiced throughout millennia, although the names used to identify it may have changed in different cultures and eras, the techniques remain same.

    A pendulum is a symmetrical, weighted metal or crystal object that hung from a single chain or cord. It’s a simple tool that let anyone to tune into their intuitive powers.

    An initial special attunement that activates the ‘Third Eye Chakra’ which help to use the transcendental abilities.

    When you’re using a pendulum, the energy of the answer creates an unconscious response in your muscles, causing the pendulum to move in your ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ swing pattern. This provides an outer demonstration of your inner knowing, making it easier to recognize.

    There are literally unlimited uses for pendulum dowsing techniques and applications. Areas like business, health education, agriculture etc. A good pendulum dowser can Identifies the negative energy fields in any institution thereby improve the overall performance, he can isolates the actual cause of a disease, perform an accurate astrological analysis and correct chakra imbalances. The possibilities are endless, all you need a bit of good practice.

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  • Yogam(Traditional & Non-Traditional)

    Yogam (Traditional & Non-Traditional)

    Basic course (Non-Traditional short term course)
    • Asanas, Pranayamam, Kriya yoga, Mediation and Soorya Namaskaram.
    • Advanced asana practices
    Ashtanga Yoga (Traditional with Dheeksha)
    • Yama -Niyama-Asana-Pranayama-Prathyaharana-Darana-Dhyana-Samadhy.
    • Yoga soothes bhashyam.
    • Siva Swara Yogam.
    • Other traditional Yoga.

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  • Mudra Dhyanam
  • Pranava Dhyanam
  • Yantra Dhyanam
  • Sreevidhya Tanthra (Traditional practice only)
  • Transcendental Reiki Meditation

    Transcendental Reiki Meditation Course

    Features following special capabilities

    • Can avail higher level Deeksha (Attunement)
    • Energy management
    • Mental power and creativity development
    • Physical and mental power development
    • 20 minutes meditation
    • Goal achievement through 90 days meditation
    • Financial and trade prosperity
    • Employment and education success
    • Personality development
    • Energy banking
    • ‘Samadhy’ Happiness (Enlightenment)
    • Cure from all diseases

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